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KNS Technologies is an integrated technology solutions provider that offers end to end services to customers that enable them to effectively deploy IT for distinct competitive advantage and business success. Incorporated in 2009, the Company has since delivered high value solutions to top notch clients in all key industry verticals.


KNS Technologies exists to provide cutting edge IT solutions to discerning clients to help them achieve their business objectives.


KNS Technologies will, in the next 3 years, become the most preferred vendor for Nonprofits and small and mid size businesses.

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Clearpath EPM

Clearpath EPM is the industry's sole provider of the EPM Dashboard toolset. Its solutions are designed to support and assist International Schools, Non-Governmental Organizations, and International Business. About Us Clearpath EPM is a Division of Clearpath Global and is responsible for international risk and security consulting services. Our corporate philosophy is to focus extensive efforts on the preventive and preparedness aspects of the emergency planning cycle, thus readying our clients for the majority of emergencies or crises they will face in the international environment. Our consultants and staff have proven expertise in the international risk and security field. Clearpath EPM services include in-country consulting as well as cutting edge, on-line emergency planning management support. The Clearpath EPM Team Mike – Retired U.S. Government Senior Manager with multiple tours as a Regional Security Officer (RSO) working in high threat security environments; past and present school crisis planning and security trainer and facilitator with the Principals Training Center (PTC), the Academy for International School Heads (AISH), the Association of American Schools in South America (AASSA), and the Tri-Association; provided crisis planning and security training to more than 140 international school leaders from around the world; Certified Protection Professional (CPP) awarded by ASIS International, the world's leading professional security association. Bruce – Former U.S.. State Department RSO with over 25 years experience providing security assistance and crisis management planning for government, corporate, NGOs and international schools in every region of the world; post government career of senior executive and consultative positions at major international corporations; Certified Protection Professional (CPP). Pat – Former international school Principal at three international schools; twenty year leadership trainer and facilitator with the Principals Training Center; International school consultant focusing on building safe and caring school communities. Scott – Former U.S. State Department Foreign Service Officer with multiple international assignments; post government career as international commercial businessman with extensive experience in challenging environments providing global research and competitive intelligence support and products to multi-national clients. The Extended Clearpath EPM Team Clearpath EPM utilizes a global network of trusted partners who have unique crisis management experience and diverse backgrounds in military, law enforcement, government and commercial enterprises to complement our U.S based consultants. Many of our team members have on the ground expertise providing crisis and emergency planning management in difficult, dangerous and hostile environments.

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Our Vision, Mission & Values Real Living Lifestyles offers clients a suite of Integrated Real Estate Services. Our sales associates are supported by an expert staff of professionals who specialize in a variety of fields, including: real estate marketing, home financing, contracts & negotiations, home insurance, and new construction. Through our collaborative business model, clients enjoy smoother transactions and better communication.


To use our momentum, passion, vision and drive to enhance the real estate industry.


Working together, to create a seamless real estate experience and enrich our communities.


Passion, Expertise, Innovation, Vision, Results


Our Mission

Shake up Your Network | Connect with classmates and alumni for jobs, networking, and conversations

What We Do

Jobs | Connect | Conversations | Events 

Welcome to MBAs United! We’re the best source of jobs, connections and discussions exclusively for MBA students and alumni. We’ve cut through all the noise on other sites with a narrow focus on MBAs.

We’re here to help you capitalize on the investment spent on your degree. All of our members understand the value of networking and word of mouth. We’ll help you use this community to enhance your career, your school and your presence among fellow alumni.

MBAs United…

  • Is for MBAs only. Not every Joe or Jane off the street can join.
  • No ‘friend-ing’ required. If you’re classmates, you’re connected.
  • Narrows the search. Gets you the job.
  • Provides inside information on companies.
  • As a business owner, get advice from like-minded MBAs.
  • AND does more to encourage grass-roots job posting by the users.


USASWIMMEET  was conceptualized and developed to improve the swimming experience for swimmers and lessen the challenges and stress that often is experienced to run swim meets. USASWIMMEET was developed by a swimming Official who has had to stop a meet, go up into the stands and ask for timers, or pull a double duty in order to run a swim meet for our swimmers. If you have been a volunteer on deck supporting a swimmer as a swim official, a timer or recorder, or many of the other critical positions needed to run a swim meet, than you know the coordination challenges and what we’re talking about! 
Whether you are hosting a Meet under USA Swimming year round, College, High School, local summer, or a TRI Meet, USASWIMMEET.COM will definitely improve running the Meet and organizing the necessary volunteers. 

Council on Foundations

The Council on Foundations is formed of approximately 1,600 independent, operating, community, public and company-sponsored foundations, and corporate giving programs in the United States and abroad.

Our Mission:

The Council’s mission is to provide the opportunity, leadership, and tools needed by philanthropic organizations to expand, enhance, and sustain their ability to advance the common good.

Public Disclosure

In the spirit of transparency, we make available to the public our audited financial statements, our 990, and our policy on inclusiveness:
2012 Audited Financial Statements
2012 Form 990
Policy on Inclusiveness


Gracular is an Online Patent Search and Patent Drafting Portal. The Unique feature of Gracular is its ability to search patents in terms of Product.  A user can search on Product and can drill down to to its sub components to view patents linked to them. The application allows the users to list patents for sale and buying patents. Apart from this, it help users in patent drafting process.


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We use our experience, skills and talent in order to bring the most recent technologies to our clients

US Headquarters
Address: KNS Technologies 13800 Coppermine Road, Herndon, VA 20171 USA
Phone: (571) 442 6688
Email: contact@knstek.com
URL: www.knstek.com

India Headquarters
Address: Site #13, 100ft Road, 2nd Floor, BTM 1st Stage, Bengaluru-560 068, India
Phone: (080) 2668 0453 / 2668 0398
Email: contact@knstek.com
URL: www.knstek.com