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Full Text Search using Apache Lucene (Part-I)

Full Text Search using Apache Lucene (Part-I)

December 17th, 2014 Posted by Big Data, Cloud computing No Comment


Lucene is an open source, highly scalable text search-engine library available from the Apache Software Foundation. Lucene’s powerful APIs focus mainly on text indexing and searching. It can be used to build search capabilities for applications such as e-mail clients, mailing lists, Web searches, database search, etc. Web sites like Wikipedia, LinkedIn have been powered by Lucene.

Lucene has many features. It:

  • Has powerful, accurate, and efficient search algorithms.
  • Calculates a score for each document that matches a given query and returns the most relevant documents ranked by the scores.
  • Supports many powerful query types, such as PhraseQuery, WildcardQuery, RangeQuery, FuzzyQuery, BooleanQuery, and more.
  • Supports parsing of human-entered rich query expressions.
  • Allows users to extend the searching behavior using custom sorting, filtering, and query expression parsing.
  • Uses a file-based locking mechanism to prevent concurrent index modifications.
  • Allows searching and indexing simultaneously.


Steps to build an Application using Apache Lucene:

The below image demonstrates various stages/phases in building an application using Lucene.

  1. Indexing data
  2. Analysing data
  3. Searching Indexed data.



I will discuss about how to Index data to make it searchable and how to search Lucene indexed data in subsequent posts.


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