KNS Unplugged

Fresh from the oven

…A mobile app was launched for a leading multinational engineering company that helps their sales engineers demonstrate savings in TCO, with their products. It was built for Android and Apple phones and tablets.

…One of a kind Golf app was launched that helps improve the overall experience for the players, make the job of the organizers easier and insure that the tournament will raise more money by attracting new sponsors and giving them real value for their investment. This PHP based web application is fully supported by native apps for Android and Apple mobile devices.

Work in progress

… .NET based Adcopy management tool that can manage the implementation, testing and tracking of PPC Ad copy tests . This will help gain maximum impact with PPC campaigns on Google.

…Web marketplace application in Java that, allows online trading of products without currency transactions. Works on subscription model. This is supported by a native Android mobile app too.

… Mobile app for Android devices that allows sharing of gallery of videos and pictures among subscribed members, with built in rating, cache and user management.

Work culture

At KNS, we are a bunch of eager, hungry and energetic people who are passionate about the company’s success. We do not chatter away on the aisles, but are focused on enjoying the work we do. Ours is a flexible and open office…we don’t have too many rules and definitely not a dress code (nobody comes to work naked, however).

But some things are Cast in stone…


  • We are honest and ethical in everything we do.
  • We keep our commitments and treat others with mutual respect and trust
  • We identify root causes and get beyond treating symptoms


  • We listen well, so that we can better understand
  • We treat people with respect, irrespective of their status or mutual disagreements
  • We celebrate wins
  • We help each other to be great


  • Our success is measured by the success of our clients.
  • We are committed to our clients and are passionate about solving their problems and exploring new opportunities with them.

The Team

We are 32 member strong and work out of offices in Bangalore, India and Herndon, USA. The team comprises of technology graduates, at a minimum, who have majors in IT or Computer Science. The members’ professional experience varies from 2 to 10 years. We are proud to still have members who had signed up when we were incorporated in 2009.

The Code jesters

Our developers are a motley lot who are young, smart and have good communication skills. They are experts in PHP, .NET, Java, iOS, Android, etc. They prioritize desired tasks based on clients’ needs and development risk and are completely empowered to collaborate actively with clients’ teams on a regular basis, ask the right questions and revisit every aspect of development throughout the lifecycle. Of course, they also realize that the guy who ends up maintaining their code could be a violent psychopath who knows where they live. The UI design team weave magic and remind us all the time that there are real users out there in the world.

The Whistleblowers

Our QA engineers started out believing there are two ways to write an error-free program and only the third one works. However, the good news is that they had changed their mind a long time ago. Having expertise in manual and automated testing tools, the QA team is our conscience keeper. They co-own the project right from kick-off and are as much obsessed about client requirements and use cases as the developers.

The Project pals

Our project managers are battle scarred veterans who know how to get the job done. They are client champions inside the company. Obsessive practitioners of agile methodologies, they make sure that speed to market is not compromised and that clients always launch on time. They focus on speedy issue resolution and instill clarity of the process and progress. They drive reviews with client and regularly hold web meetings to discuss the progress and resolve any outstanding issues.

The Buzz-makers

The leadership at KNS, collectively having about 50 years’ experience consulting for Fortune 500 in the US, seek to position KNS as a trusted, valued, flexible and responsive partner that small and midsize companies could turn to, for solving their business problems, be successful and make the world a better place (we count many Not-for-profits and NGOs amongst our clients). They are also passionate about making KNS a people-friendly workplace and believe that following our core values would bring in profitable growth that could be invested in and to create opportunities for our employees.

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