How to overcome expense reporting blues with mobile apps

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Jack is a dream salesman. Knows his market, sets his sights firmly on valuable targets, digs deep to learn about their pain points, prepares a pitch that’ll impress and then goes for the kill. Losing even a single customer  that comes his way is considered infra dig and he’s perpetually hungry for success. It’s no surprise then that he’s been meeting  sales budgets every single year of his career.Top sales awards in the company are always his, while his colleagues can go all green with envy.

That should make him jumpin Jack, a boisterous young dynamite, right?  Wrong.

Jack has never been able to keep up with his expense reporting. A travelling salesman that he is, there are all kinds of charges that he needs to account for. Flight tickets, car rentals, gas , hotel, restaurant, customer entertainment…. the list is endless.

So what makes Jack a dull boy……

  • needs to be in office to access the expense reporting Form from system
  • a crowded schedule ensures he’s at the office over the weekend to work on reports
  • there’s a humungous bunch of bills that he knows not how to keep safely
  • he needs to identify each expense and match them with his travel itinerary
  • the bills have to be sorted in a fashion that is in sync with the office expense Form
  • some of the bills test his vision as the print are faint or altogether faded 
  • worse, he just cannot locate some bills
  • he’s losing money, the accountant’s office is chasing crazy for his reports, his oncoming travels are in jeopardy and most  importantly, his reputation is at stake

What Jack needs ……..

  1. a handy mobile device to digitally store bills instantly – whenever, wherever
  2. to pick and check relevant expense details
  3. to transfer expense data online to the legacy ERP system at office
  4. to work outside of office and manage expense reporting efficiently

Jack and companies like his employer, can benefit from mobile apps that are now available to make this process easy. One such product, EzXpense from KNS Technologies, is an iOS and Android compatible mobile app that enables online expense reporting directly into ORACLE iExpense, like a breeze.

Jack is now all work and more play; deserves to celebrate his success after all !


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