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    How are we Dealing with Covid -19 Pandemic?

    With the rapid spread of Covid-19 across the region, nation and worldwide, our main priority at present and in the coming days is the safety of our employees, and customers. With this we are making sure it does not affect our projects, developments and our business.

    We would like to share our practices and action plan implemented during this scenario.

    • We are closely monitoring and following all the rapidly changing developments issued by the Local Government, Central Governments, Health Ministry and WHO. We are following the guidelines provided by them.
    • Based on the directions provided by the local government we were able to Work from Home without much thought as our work are available in the cloud and client systems.
    • We communicate internally and with the clients primarily through Microsoft Office 365 outlook. We are constantly working together and updating each other through status meetings held in Microsoft Teams. Meetings are scheduled and conducted through Teams. Documents related to projects, employees are shared through Microsoft One Drive.
    • We use FifthPeak for various Individual activities such as attendance, time and leave management and team collaborative activities such as assigning and follow up of different tasks, management of service tickets etc.
    • We are reviewing our Business Continuity plans foreseeing the situation in the coming days.
    • We are making sure all our Services are constantly up and working and Support to the clients are provided on time so that they don’t face any issues.
    • We at KNS are communicating with our employees any information related to the situation and decisions taken by the management time to time through Microsoft Office 365 outlook or teams.

    We hope this information is helpful in understanding how we are responding to coronavirus and we will continue to provide updates to our employees and customers.
    At the end, we would like to thank all the front-lines who are constantly working towards eradicating and making sure to bring back the normal life by risking their lives.