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    FifthPeak™ for businesses and corporate enables its employees to mange their visit plans, visit reports, follow-ups, travel and other business expenses on the go, with the instant image capture of the receipt using the phone camera. Based on reporting rules set by admin, the app consolidates expenses into reports, validates and offers it to the employee for review and submission. Approvers too could instantly select, review, flag and approves/rejects reports. Access to the complete history of Visit Reports and expense reports along with their statuses and real time notifications, both ensure seamless visibility and quick processing of expense pipeline.


    DataVis™ is a technology company specializing in Law Enforcement analytics. But advanced technology does not have to appear advanced. If you can turn on a computer, you can easily use and navigate the DataVis™ Platform. Advances should not appear intimidating. That’s why many systems that are purchased today, simply go unused. So what advanced? The Prediction for one – no other software on the planet uses advanced predictive algorithms to predict crime like our Platform. Data-Driven policing? Check. Crime Analysis? Check. Crime Mark™ database for comparing departments across the nation? Check. Advances are great. But are they relevant? The DataVis™ software platform was developed by the Police for Police. Not a bunch of software developers trying to figure it out. Just check out some of the people involved here. One package does it all. Don’t want to replace your RMS? We don’t want you to either. Don’t change a thing about what you are doing. Don’t purchase any hardware or software. Get answers. Clean. Simple. Easy. Now.


    Kikspot is a social engaging app which helps its users to select a hangout place. It helps its users in engaging themselves with the app when they reach the hangout place by presenting with various activities where users will be awarded with reward points called as CREDS

    Mann+ Hummel


    GoMax, Golf Outing Maximizer, is the best app available for charity and fund raising golf tournaments. This app makes the tournament more fun for the players and keeps them engaged. A live Leaderboard shows the scores of individuals and or teams depending on the format of the tournament. Skill competitions like longest drive, straightest drive, closest to the pin and longest putt are available immediately on the live Leaderboard.


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