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Web and Mobile Applications

  • If you could empower your field workforce by providing them key functionality that are available in the office.
  • The productivity gains if your field workforce could completely eliminate the paper trail from present-day business processes.
  • The improvement in service levels if all the information in your business systems was accessible with just the press of a few keys, anytime and anywhere.
  • The increase in revenues if your field workforce could process orders and payments at the press of a button.
  • How a real-time window into actual sales could reduce carrying costs for raw materials and finished goods
KNS Technologies offers its varied expertise in Mobile solutions
  • Native application development for Apple (iOS) & Android – smartphones and tablets.
  • Mobile optimized front-ends for Web applications, ERP, CRM.
  • Calculators for Financial & Sales Planning, Cost Saving.
  • Marketing Analytics & BI for remote decision making.
  • Customer footfall, retail experience & loyalty management solutions
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