What’s Digital Transformation?

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What’s Digital Transformation?

It means application of technology to optimize business operations. It’s not something new. It started from the days of mainframe several decades ago. However,the evolution of Mobile, Cloud computing, Big Data and AI made digital transformation made it a necessity. Coronavirus crisis is forcing the hand of many companies that have put off digital transformations. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella mentioned recently that “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months. From remote teamwork and learning, to sales and customer service, to critical cloud infrastructure and security-we are working alongside customers every day to help them adapt and stay open for business in a world of remote everything.”

So, if you want to transform your organization, where do you start? Entrepreneur and Author Tom Sibel recommends following steps in his book on Digital Transformation.

  1. Marshal the senior CXO team as the digital transformation engine.

  2. Appoint a Chief Digital Officers With authority and budget.

  3. Work incrementally to get wins and capture business value.

  4. Forge a strategic vision in parallel and get going.

  5. Draft a digital transformation roadmap and communicate it to stakeholders.

  6. Pick your partners carefully.

  7. Focus on economic benefit

  8. Create a transformative culture of innovation

  9. Reeducate your leadership team

  10. Continually reeducate your workforce-invest in self-learning

Given that there is a cloud application for almost every business process, implementation of technology shouldn’t take that longer. We have put together a high-level list of different cloud-based platforms based upon functionality to help you in making decision. Feel free to contact us if you need any help in your digital transformation efforts.

Productivity Suite: Microsoft 365 and G Suite

Communication: Microsoft Teams and Slack

Project Management: Jira and GitLab

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle and IBM

Human Resources: WorkDay, Oracle and SAP

CRM:, Microsoft Dynamics, FifthPeak, Oracle and SAP

Expense Management: FifthPeak, Concur and Coupa

Data and App Integration: Dell Boomi and

Ecommerce: Shopify, WooCommerce, Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite

Marketing: Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot,

Customer Service:, Microsoft Dynamics and ServiceNow

AI and Machine Learning: Google and Microsoft

Business Intelligence: Microsoft, Qlik and Tableau

ERP: Oracle, SAP and Infor

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