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    Best Free CMS Award : 2015

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    Recently, it is in big news that the much awaited awards announced by CMS Critic has been declared for the category “sex Free CMS”. Undoubtedly, the award is in Joomla!’s throne. The winner is Joomla!. I am a proud and happy Joomler to congratulate Joomla! for this award.

    This powerful content management system has revealed it’s power and strong determination of all the developers and community members who constantly keep contributing to make Joomla more and more better than the last day. This award marks a surety in your eyes as well to choose Joomla as your website’s CMS.

    Purpose of using Joomla:
    When you want to manage content or applications on your own with minimum efforts, you dive into the world of content management systems. As the award states above Joomla! is the Best Free CMS, then why not build your website in this platform? It comes with some basic themes and extensions but we as Joomla Developers can add our efforts to make your website worth your wish and time. The website can be of any expertise : business, e-commerce, education, advertising and many more. The purpose can be anything of your website, all you need is to make your decision wisely while launching the very first thought in your mind of making a website.

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