KNS Tech bets big on Drupal applications

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    KNS Tech bets big on Drupal applications

    “ I never let my schooling interfere with my education”. Thus, Mark Twain famously quoted. In a profound manner, it underlines the fact that useful knowledge can be gained and shared outside a formal, stereotypical and closed system . Open source softwares are probably the best champions of such a school of thought.

    KNS Technologies were privileged to host Drupal Training Day at our offices recently. As a member of Drupal Association, we had the responsibility to energize, enhance collaboration and grow the Drupal community, here in Bangalore.

    Under the auspices of Drupal Groups, the event was held on December 14, 2012 and brought together various software firms that develop and thrive on applications in Open source frameworks. The program was a hit right from the word go. Jacob Singh, Regional Director-India at Acquia, set the ball rolling with an insightful presentation on the unique learning process that is encouraged at Acquia for interns and young Drupal team members. The synchronization of training process with the aptitude of trainees and organizational imperatives was interestingly demonstrated. The nuances and ease of developing themes using Omega /Responsive web design were handled brilliantly in a separate session. Building semantics in Drupal using RDF was another area that was focused upon as it opened new vistas in web development.

    For our Drupal developers, this turned out to be a good opportunity to share notes and renew commitment to contribute as active members of this very exciting Community, while parallely honing their skills. Our clients can continue to expect top notch Drupal development and capture superior value.

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