WordPress Multisite Vs Drupal Multisite

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    WordPress Multisite Vs Drupal Multisite

    WordPress and Drupal are two of the popular content management systems available for web development. Here is an analysis on mutlisite features of WordPress and Drupal.


    1. Multi-site feature built into it’s core
    2. Users can register for their own site and be up and running with their own theme, plug-ins and more in only a few minutes
    3. Sites built aren’t too complex in their data
    4. Multi-site can allow a single WordPress installation manage 1,000s of sites or more with the same 1-click updates and other features that make WordPress so attractive for any smaller site or blog.
    5. Administrator WordPress multi-site can allow for the control and moderation of many sites from a single point
    6.  The built-in user registration system allows for completely hands-off scalability and site creation but doesn’t really allow much control for individuality within individual sites.  Example all themes and plug-ins that a site owner can use must first be installed by an administrator and cannot be edited or modified in any way by the owner of an individual site
    7. If your sites are related such as sites of faculty members in a university department or something similar then we can use WordPress multisite feature. Check for a show case of sites developed using multisite feature. 


    1. Multisites are completely different sites, using different databases, but sharing the source code. Then you can’t share content or configuration.
    2. Users can’t just register for a site and be up and running in a few seconds. Instead an administrator must manually set up the site and may in fact go as far as allowing custom themes, modules, and more. 
    3. You have a need for multiple complex sites or a small amount of very different sites than Drupal’s multi-site is preferred
    4. Each site in a Drupal multi-site is a completely separate site



    The key thing to remember is that the WordPress and Drupal multisite features have different purposes. The main purpose of WordPress Multiuser is to establish a network of interconnected blogs with features like following and reblogging. Drupal multisite, on the other hand, is to make maintenance of many sites simple. There is no interconnectedness built in.


    The database structure for network in WordPress is single database with different prefixed tables. Drupal gives you two options, single database with different prefixed tables or seperate database for each site.


    Both WordPress and Drupal can be excellent choices depending on what you want to do. If you’re going for a blog or smaller site, then WordPress is probably better choice. If however you need complex data or workflows or you are going to taking in data from your users, then Drupal might be better.



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